Ethical, considered craftsmanship
Sustainably sourced functional decor pieces crafted by our award-winning designers.

To hold our pieces up to the highest international standards of design and craftsmanship, they must first pass the scrutiny of our senior craftsmen before leaving the workshop. The ethos that guides the Ekta brand is a commitment to discovering and celebrating talented designers, providing an opportunity to showcase their
work on a global scale, as well as supporting
local economies through the production of certain pieces. In supporting our craft, you are helping us to upskill others while enabling us
to sustain our passion. Solid wood furniture is durable and long-lasting, increasing in value
as it’s passed down through generations. Mass-produced materials such as veneers can be heavily processed and filled with chemicals, whereas our solid wood is sustainably sourced from forests that are continually being replenished. We have great respect for the raw materials used to create the Ekta Handvaerk range.

If you look closely…

We don’t discard quality pieces of wood or leather if they carry slight visual differences. Timber is a natural product with a variety of grains, so knots will occur from time to time; this fact should, however, never compromise the structural integrity of each piece. While we always pay attention to matching the grains of every piece we produce, we can’t always guarantee a perfect match. This only serves to communicate the richness and individuality of our material’s history, which in turn breathes life and a sense
of charm into our elegant, functional decor. For example, the unique characters in wood grain, texture and warmth signify the conditions of an individual tree’s life… in turn allowing for the authentic story of the tree to unfold. We also only use locally produced, genuine leather. No hide is perfect, so natural blemishes will always occur in leather, but we are proud that these form part of the character of our furniture. Every piece is carefully hand-cut and selected for its use. From forest to factory to furniture, we treat our materials with care and consideration; we don’t waste our Earth’s valuable raw materials… rather, we stay true to their fundamental natural beauty.

A word about our designers

Truly beautiful designs deserve to be made by hand, not a machine, and we are honoured to have skilled craftsmen creating each piece and responding to the uniqueness of the leather, wood or brass they have selected. In this way, we are able to shine a light on the artistry of our craft. Ekta Handvaerk also takes great care in selecting the incredible team of artists and designers who collaborate on our collection, and we are proud to give them a platform to share their extraordinary pieces. Designers are chosen based on their talent and exceptional craftsmanship but, most importantly, their alignment with the essence of the Ekta brand.