Honesty is at the forefront of what we do

About Ekta Handvaerk

Each one of our pieces has a unique DNA, its own story to tell.

This piece you have chosen for your home has been created by hand in our workshop, where our team of skilled craftsmen have each added their personal touch of inspiration and craftsmanship to it.

Our wood, leather and brass have all been sourced with the greatest care and consideration to ensure that your chair, table or lamp will offer you dozens of years of pleasure.

Before each item leaves our workshop it will have passed the scrutiny of our most experienced craftsmen and designers. You will find their initials of approval on your production worksheet.

While we hold each piece up to the highest international standards of design and craftsmanship, we also have great respect for the raw materials we use to create the Ekta Handvaerk range.

That’s why we don’t discard quality pieces of wood or leather if they carry small visual imperfections. We would hate to waste any of our earth’s precious raw materials.

We believe these tiny marks reveal the story of a journey that adds to the character of each piece because it is unique, one of a kind.

Just like you.